Photobiomodulation: How Often Should You Use It?

Photobiomodulation, how often? Great question. As you will see, it varies with the type of injury or illness you are treating.

Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy is a noninvasive way of treating medical conditions by using light.

It is an increasingly popular treatment option due to its effectiveness in managing pain, reducing inflammation, and healing wounds.

Many people are curious about how often and for how long a person should use PBM in order to get the most successful outcomes.

The answer depends on the individual’s health condition as well as their biochemistry.

Different Injuries and Illness

For acute conditions like sports injuries or wound healing, PBM treatments can be conducted daily for shorter periods of time or several times per week for longer periods.

PBM treatments, on the other hand, are usually done two to three times a week over a period of weeks or months for long-term diseases like nerve damage or autoimmune disorders.

So, it’s important for doctors and nurses to work with patients to figure out the best way to help them based on their specific situations and needs.

When undergoing PBM therapy, what happens during treatment?

During a session of PBM therapy, low-intensity laser light is directed at specific parts of the body that require treatment.

The effect is known as “photobiostimulation” – when exposed to the light, cells receive energy which helps activate their natural mechanisms additional regeneration and repair processes become more effective than they would have been without external stimulation.

This stimulates tissue regeneration while also reducing inflammation and pain levels in those areas being treated.


By combining these biochemical effects with improved blood circulation from increased cellular activity, photobiomodulation has been seen to be successful in treating chronic injuries, inflammatory diseases like arthritis, and even neurological illnesses like Alzheimer’s Disease, despite its relatively short history in modern medicine. 

Ultimately, it comes down to determining with your doctor how often you should be using PBM depending on your individual situation and desired outcome, but you can be confident that this innovative therapy will make a positive difference in your life!

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